20th February 2018

Satire Attempt 1

Dear Friend,

I am writing to inform you that our friendship has come to an end. I have found new friends, a few hundred of them from all around the world of all walks of life. These new friends are nicer, the always compliment me and they like me. I always know where they are, what they’re doing and how they’re feeling without leaving the comfort of my couch, we are connected in nanoseconds, no effort is involved in these new friendships. We can communicate with just the touch of a button. They like my photos, react to my status’s, comment kind words and give me shoutouts. Instagram, facebook, snapchat, twitter are just a few places to find and connect with these friends and followers.

Follows letter form. First person. Words such as Dear. Listing. Compound sentence. Letter of aplogy but informing the old friend.

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  1. Oscar, this piece of writing definitely follows some of the patterns typical of satire, especially in the way it subverts the letter form.

    What’s interesting though is that it also has a disturbing tone that is characteristic of a lot of dystopian writing. This probably suggests that you naturally have an interest in the same kind of ideas that are communicated and some of them texts will study this year.

    I’m very eager to recognise that your original interest in this course was in media studies rather than English. There are many ways that we can still ensure that the interest is accommodated in this program. Let’s discuss it.


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